PINTSCH BUBENZER is focused on the design, production and service of high quality braking systems for both static and dynamic applications which involve the precise control of small to very large amounts of kinetic energy. The challenge is to control that energy in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

In the sectors of port, shipbuilding and offshore engineering, mining, the steel industry, utilization of wind, mechanical engineering and construction of special vehicles, PINTSCH BUBENZER is a world leader in braking system design and manufacturing, with safety built into every product.

With its employees, two development and production works in Germany, its own branches in the USA, Malaysia and China as well as sales and service partners established around the world, PINTSCH BUBENZER achieves an exceptionally high level of export sales.

For many years, our commitment to R&D has exceeded the industry average. The many patented products resulting from this effort tell the story. We are also committed to on-going training of our employees, and expansion of our world-wide sales and service network.

Something we are sure of: Quality will always assert itself – throughout the world!